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    Our anti counterfeiting currency training business was undertaken by National Financial Security and Banking Training Co., Ltd, which is a professional training company in the industry and also a subsidiary of Julong. We have a team of 50 people and over 30 people in this team got doctoral degree or senior titles. We have training base in Anshan, Dalian and Beijing in China, and we can train hundreds of people at the same time.

    We mainly provide financial security, anti-counterfeit currency training, banking consulting services and industry promotion of new products, financial industry systems engineering technology research, design, testing, crown font system application, retrospective training, anti-counterfeit commemorative coins training, the worldwide currency security knowledge training, instrument etiquette training and professional development training for staffs, risk prevention and control training and other services for financial institutions in order to radiation and promotion technology in the national financial security in the industry.

    Solution and process of Anti - counterfeit currency training test

    · Make a draft of the training framework (After consultation with customers, to develop plans and prepare hardware and software equipments)
    · Set up training environment (the formation of multimedia electronic classrooms, teaching equipment and teachers, etc)
    · Preparation of training materials (according to the requirements of the central bank to prepare teaching materials and multimedia courseware)
    · Hand out training materials to our students (release of teaching materials in advance, students have more time to understand the learning content)
    · Organize on-site training (face to face training)
    · Simulation test (lecturers to organize students to simulate the test, analyze test questions, strengthen the learning effect)
    · Training summary (according to the teaching response, lecturers ask to modify the courseware, report the summary of the training)

    Case of our service

    December 6th, 2016, a conference was held in Inner Mongolia (China) between Banks and Financial organizations of Mongolia and China. This conference was co-held by National Financial Security and Banking Training Co., Ltd. There are more than 100 representatives participated in 3-days training course, including representatives from 19 commercial banks of China and 11 commercial banks from Mongolia. In the conference, representatives more deeply got acquainted with management of trans-boundary Chinese Yuan operations.

    We introduce our service to the commercial banks in Mongolian to support the issuance, as well as the settle accounts process and withdrawal currency from circulation process. Julong will following the pace of “One Belt, One Road”, laid the foundation for the operations of trans-boundary Chinese Yuan.

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