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  • JL8000 Series Multifunctional Cash Processing System

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  • JL8000 Multifunctional Intelligent Cash Processing System

    JL8000 Multifunctional Intelligent Cash Processing System is an outstanding product in Julong product collection. Clean lines with elegant appearance and human oriented idea highlight the outstanding utility. Delicate design, ideal layout and combination maximize the sorting efficiency. Automatically complete classification and package of ATM, FIT and UNFIT currency, reject the suspect banknote to reject stacker, save human resources, highly improve working efficiency and sorting quality. To monitor the whole process with software system and sort in a closed environment, shows more human care and environment protection. JL8000 is considered as an ideal model in cash processing industry, which will terminate the complicate banknote processing process in cash center.

    Cash Processing Capacity

    Processing capacity for one work station:

    Basic capacity: 220,000~340,000 notes/day

    Peak value: 370,000 notes/day

    Average capacity: 280,000 notes/day

    One more station, double productivity. One station requires 2 operators, one more operator will be needed if one more station added. N stations require N+1 operators (N=number of stations).

    Data Monitoring

    The operating system of the JL8000 ensures that the cash handling process is transparent, accountable, and safe. The system tracks a multitude of useful data and information, such as customer ID, date, time, number of notes, split ratio, request for service, etc. It will recognize each banknote's individual serial number, fully decode it and make it available for further database processing.

    The intelligent software applications let you track the entire cash handling process in real-time while maintaining the highest security standards. Julong's fully automated cash processing system JL8000 shines in high workload environments, such as cash centers and central banks, where security and efficiency are the highest priorities.

    Detail Oriented

    Detail oriented appeared everywhere in our products, from a shaft, a belt, a combination to design. We try to make a small item more perfect. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

    Module Description

    With our module layout design, we can customize our JL8000 Multifunctional Intelligent Cash Processing System for you based on your special request with one to eight working station and more combination design.

    JL8000-55 Integrated Conveyance Station

    Transport banknote bundles from sorting and binding station to the specified shrink wrapping station or strapping station.

    JL8010 Sorting and Binding Station

    It is able to complete counterfeit identification, automated sorting and bundling. JL 8010 is featured with 500 notes capacity stacker that enable to automatically push out  banknote. JL8010 has a dedusting system and 2 configurations (4+1 and 7+1 model).

    JL8000-20 Lifting and Distribution Station

    Change banknote bundle direction, lift and distribute it to the specified conveyance system.

    JL972 Printing and Stamping Station

    Print banknote bundle information and quick response code automatically and stamp operator information on each side of bundle band.

    JL8000-56 Classification Station

    Print bundle information and Q&R code. Classify bundles and transport it to the specified container based on category (including station, quality and version).

    JL8030A Shrink Wrapping Station

    Shrink wrapping 10 banknote bundles (1,000 notes).

    JL8021 Pre-strapping Station

    Stack 10 bundles based on category (work station, quality and version) and change direction of 5 bundles. Transport banknotes to pre-strapping machine and bind the bundles with transparent band.

    JL8022 Pre-strapping Station

    Stack 10 banknote bundles based on category and change direction of 5 bundles and then transport it to strapping machine.

    JL8060 Strapping Station

    Strap 10 banknote bundles (1,000notes) with double cross band.

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