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    JULONG Sparkling on the 9th Internal PLUS-Forum in Russia




    On October 4-5, 2017, the 9th International PLUS-Forum “Cash Circulation + Self-Service. Banking and Retail 2017” was held in SOKOLNIKI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, the capital of Russia. More than 60 famous enterprises and 1,300 representatives around the world participated in this forum. “JULONG”, a name from China caught the eye of the global banks and entrepreneurs with the novel, unique and extremely functional new product design and perfect overall solution in the international forum conference and became one of the focuses of attention! It also gave the world a brand-new understanding of “Made in China” and Chinese enterprises.


    On the morning of October 4, with the opening of the forum, the representatives of enterprises and banks from Russia and all the places around the world arrived, the special guests of forum carried out the splendid speeches and discussions on the multiple currency circulation and payment frontier issues such as “International Cash Circulation Strategy and Banking”, “Non-Cash Payment Situation”, “Concept of Full Channels of Modern Banking Outlets” and “Self-Service Equipment User Experience” and etc. The Forum focused on the role, place and importance of banking services, basic financial facilities and cash circulation in today’s consumptions. Promoted by the high-speed requirements of modern society, reform of the new technology development and the cash process ecosystem drove the emerging economies and the stronger business reality. During the lecture, the representatives of the banks and enterprises also visited the exhibition at the same time. More than 60 enterprises participating in this exhibition included the world-advanced international equipment service enterprises such as GLORY, G&D and the sorting and self-service financial enterprises such as DIEBOLD, NCR and LAUREL among the exhibition equipment, from the small cash counting sorter to the large-scale sorting process system equipment with up to 14/16 port, from POS to the counter terminal, from self-service bank TCR to the large-scale self-service deposit-withdrawal all-in-one machine, this exhibition not only included the most cutting-edge financial equipment in the world, QUANTUM Company also displayed the  most sophisticated mechanical arm of KUKA Company and the full-automation unmanned cash center integrated system and intelligent self-service deposit and withdrawal pavilion of the sorting and binding equipment cooperated with Glory, Laurel and G&D.



    JULONG still stood out from so many peers and products in the world. This time, JL9610 Full-Intelligence Single-Station Cash Processing all-in-one machine participating and appearing in the exhibition attracted the great attention and praise of Central Bank of Russia, many commercial banks and the third-party agency service companies, and the banks’ representatives and the potential cooperation agents came for understanding and communication were in an endless stream. JL8000A Multi-Station Sorting Processing machine recommended emphatically this time also attracted Central Bank of Russia and the commercial banks, they repeatedly asked whether to have the local agent partner and when the new products of JULONG would appear in Russia. Meanwhile, POS machine, intelligent bank teller terminal and Ultra Low-Light HD panoramic gaze camera system from JULONG also showed extraordinary talents in this exhibition, and during the exhibition, the local enterprises constantly discussed the future cooperation and sales plan with JULONG.


    Central Bank of Russia, commercial banks and the forum organizer expressed that no Chinese enterprise having the technology and product strength as JULONG Co., Ltd. had participated in the forum and exhibition previously and that they had the brand-new understanding of “Made in China”. They deeply thanks JULONG for entering into Russia and bringing the more advanced cash processing equipment, cash overall processing solution and idea, and they expected to have the opportunity to come to China to Visit JULONG, learn and express the idea of further cooperation.



    This forum ended in very satisfactory way as scheduled, and the JULONG staff’s professional spirit, professional quality and high-quality products have deeply rooted and sprung up in Russia. JULONG staff have firmly believed that their cooperation with the clients such as Russia will be very smooth by virtue of the advanced technology, solid quality, considerate services and improved comprehensive solutions, and JULONG staff have presented their own actions with “we represent JULONG in China, and we represent China in the world”


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