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    Julong awarded 2017 Jinniu Award – the “Oscar prize” in the industry


    The nineteenth China listed company Jinniu award ceremony and summit forum was held in Guiyang, China on 15th, August. Jinniu award also called "Oscar prize" in the industry and it is the most authoritative awards in the industry. Julong won the Jinniu award for the most investment value company by virtue of its own scientific research advantages and good market reputation.



    From 1999 to the present, China's Listed Company Jinniu Award has brought together the most professional listed companies research power in the industry. Uphold the principle of fairness and openness, using the empirical analysis of science and establish a more closely linked with the value of listed company's performance evaluation index system, screening out a number of listed companies and listed companies management team with outstanding performance, management practices, and has significance benchmarking meaning. This is help to improve the status of domestic listed company's performance evaluation and also have a good reference function for the investment options for investors.



    The selection of Jinniu award focus on creating economic restructuring and adjustment of the benchmark in industry, set up model in order to lead enterprises become more innovative and environment friendly.



    Bio-medicine, health industry and high-end precision manufacturing listed companies come out on top in this award. Capital market leading enterprises from the traditional industries to the emerging industries just on the same track of the direction of national thirteen five plan strategic. Development of the capital market has spawned large number of listed companies, the main board and the second board market has reached more than 3100 companies, the new third board reached 10,000 companies, these companies affect the visions of countless domestic and foreign investors. In the complex domestic and international economic environment, Julong stand out in the selection and won the most investment value award by virtue of its own advantages, strong market performance, and customer's good reputation.



    Julong (stock code: 300202) was established in 2004 and it's a leading high-tech enterprise in China. We provide overall banking innovation technologies and service solutions for all commercial banks and other financial institutions in worldwide. The business provides currency security operations, digital management solutions, self-service equipment, wisdom bank, big data, and etc. With high and constant growth of sales revenue and income, Julong was rewarded as the top ten of Forbes' China Potential Enterprises and it's also the first high-tech financial enterprise passed test of European Central Bank (ECB) in China.

    Awarded "Oscar prize" in industry is a fully affirmed. Chairman Mr. Liu Yongquan, said Julong is the only one that be relying by the national financial security and system equipment engineering technology research center in the industry, and it is also the only one in domestic industry that pass through the European Central Bank test in ten consecutive years, Whether in scientific research, or market performance, Julong have a certain advantage. In the current economic situation, the market is paying more and more attention on high-end precision manufacturing industry. Jinniu award is a stimulus to the Julong, Julong will continue to counting and sorting the world currency, make a faster counting, quicker sorting, safer moving and better circulation.

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