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    Julong Communication Shining on the 2017 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show


    The 2017 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show was closed in April 21. As a popular electronic products expo in the worldwide, the exhibition site is still full of popularity even in the last day. The exhibition booth of Julong communication is located at the Hong Kong Asia World - Expo Hall No.9. There are a lot of people from worldwide being attracted by the products developed by Julong Communication such as smart POS machines, smart phones, three proof phones and the others.

    The smart POS machines developed by Julong communication worth a particularly mention because it has multiple functions. “Receive money is the basic function of this machine, during the operation of it, you can use it build cloud database, doing inventory management, help you doing marketing research and generate statement report forms for your business.” Announced by the staff of Julong communication.


    The purpose of developing the smart POS machine is to meet the mainstream requirements from the consumers, take the Internet+ as an opportunity, help offline entity merchant to change the traditional operation mode and model of making profit, increase the efficiency of management and income from the essence. The staff from Julong communication said that the operation system of this smart POS machine is Android platform which is very customizable. Therefore, that smart POS machine can create customized and personalized intelligent shop management solutions for different users in different industries by different applications.

    The smart POS machine has a dual touch screen in order to give an excellent interaction and visual experience for both of the customers and staffs. It also has multi-scalable interface for fingerprint identification, print and banknote detect. The built in ID card identification module for multi-functions and the optional built in NFC module support different payment modules such as wechat payment, Alipay and UnionPay.

    This smart POS machine reached the international standard whether for the appearance or the inherent technical innovation and stability of the product. Its excellent experience obtains recognition and good evaluation from everyone. Smart phones, three proof phones and other products from Julong Communication also obtain recognition and good evaluation from visitors.

    As a popular electronic products expo in the worldwide, the 2017 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show not only gathered electronics supplier around the world, but also attracted the global buyers. During the exhibition, customers showing a strong cooperation intention on the products of Julong Communications in the brief introduction of staff, as well as through the scene of the real experience.

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